How Often Should a Golden Retriever be Groomed?


The golden retriever is a medium-large-sized dog that has a double coat.

They have a short, soft undercoat and a long silky overcoat.

It is essential that your golden retriever be groomed regularly, and because of its coat, you may wish to use the services of a professional dog groomer.

Here are some grooming tips for goldens.

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Basic Grooming Needs

New golden owners often ask, “How often should a golden retriever be groomed?”

They should be thoroughly brushed once every one to two weeks, and other grooming should be done regularly.

For example, retrievers can quickly get ear infections if their ears are not cleaned once a week.


Goldens should be brushed and combed thoroughly two to four times per month to reduce shedding and prevent painful matting.

You may wish to use a tool called the Furminator to help keep a golden’s fur looking clean and to help prevent shedding on your furniture.

Shampoo and Bathing

Bathing with a mild shampoo should not be done too often, or the soft undercoat could be lost or damaged.

The legs and underside of the dog can be gently hosed with plain water between baths if they get filthy.

It may be wise to hire a professional dog groomer for this since it can be a difficult task.

Nail Trim / Cutting

Nails must be carefully trimmed at least once per month to prevent splaying of the feet.

This can cause considerable pain to a dog if it’s done incorrectly.

This should be handled by a professional dog groomer or veterinary technician.

Cutting the Coat

The fur around the paw pads should be trimmed, so they look cat-like.

The tail is trimmed like a fan, and the ears cut short inside and outside.

The chest and below the withers may also be trimmed occasionally.