Danny R. Cox D.V.M

Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Cox is a 1982 graduate of the Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Throughout his over 34 year career, Dr. Cox has owned multiple veterinary practices in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area and has managed more than 30 veterinary hospitals throughout the southwest region of the United States and into Mexico. Dr. Cox has lectured to and trained hundreds of licensed veterinarians and veterinary students in the fields of veterinary surgery, anesthesia, and clinical medicine.

In 2009, Dr. Cox and his team founded The Pet Vet Hospital, a full-service medical and urgent care facility attached to PETCO. The Pet Vet offers quality medical and surgical services in a caring, inviting, and fun environment. With state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, comprehensive treatment plans, and a dedicated and well-trained staff, Dr. Cox and The Pet Vet’s goal is to offer worry-free care and counsel to help each furry family member remain a happy, healthy, companion for life.

Dr. Cox and his wife Amy are parents to 6 humans, 15 dogs, and 4 cats, all of which are considered their children. They enjoy traveling and many times are accompanied by a few of the furry children. Dr. Cox is an avid baseball fan and has participated as mentor and coach for several of his children’s teams over the years. He is also a former Chief in the YMCA Indian Guides and Princesses program.

Kara Bradshaw - Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

Kara Bradshaw is a North Texas native with an unwavering passion for veterinary medicine. The welfare of animals became a mission at a young age on her family’s farm. Caring for injured and abandoned animals quickly became her passion and was encouraged by her family. She knew that she had found her calling in life to work in a capacity where she would provide love, support, and help to any animal in need.

Kara’s journey in the field of veterinary medicine began thirteen years ago. She began working as a kennel technician and her dream of providing the best care for pets was realized. As time passed she was trained in the technical side of the field and became a technician in a practice where she worked for five years.

With a desire to work for a new and growing hospital she began her career with The Pet Vet seven years ago. Kara is now in charge of operations for The Pet Vet, and she enjoys working and growing with an amazing team of people devoted to the betterment of veterinary medicine. Providing the best care to our clients and patients is her primary goal, and being a part of a team of individuals that are passionate about that same goal is truly a blessing.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her six pups, family and friends. Kara also enjoys reading, visiting art galleries, listening to live music, attending local festivals and events, and spending time outdoors.

Chase Cox- Director of New Clinic Development

Chase has worked in the animal health industry since the young age of fifteen when he began working as a kennel technician in his families pet boarding facility in Prosper, Texas. He rapidly worked his way up into a lead role within the business as a Client Services Representative for the remainder of his high school years. Throughout high school Chase was involved in FFA and developed a passion for agriculture to go along with his love for animals. After high school he went to college at Oklahoma State University in pursuit of a degree in Agriculture. In 2014, Chase graduated from the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources with a duel degree in Agricultural Economics and Business Management

He began his post graduate career in fall of 2014 working as a territory sales representative for a veterinary pharmaceutical company specializing in customized medications for companion animals. He was responsible for servicing over 950 veterinary hospitals stretched over three states including Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. In October of 2016, Chase decided it was time to move on from this position and moved back to Texas to help grow the family business alongside of his father and brother. Chase is now responsible for new clinic development assuring things are in place and ready for operation at each of our new Pet Vet at Petco locations.

Chase lives in Plano, Texas with his three year old pitbull/lab mix named Billy. Chase is an avid baseball fan and enjoys fishing when he can find the time. His dream is to own some property one day in North Texas where he will have an obnoxious number of animals.

Chad Cox- Executive Vice President

As the son of a veterinarian, Chad began his career in animal care at the young age of 5, cleaning kennels at his family’s veterinary practice. He worked in his father’s clinic throughout his childhood and into his college years. Chad’s interest in animal health led him to Oklahoma State University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science with an emphasis in Business.

Chad went into sales after college selling everything from copiers to mortgages. A natural salesman, he once sold a freezer to a man in Alaska. Chad’s success in sales landed him at Fastenal Company for 9 years, where before leaving he was the General Manger of the largest store in their Mid-South Region.

In 2016 Chad successfully negotiated a deal with his wife, Brooke, that resulted in the relocation of their family from her hometown in Oklahoma to McKinney, TX so he could return to the family business. This was the most difficult sale of his career.

Chad and Brooke met at Oklahoma State and have successfully kept the wheels from falling off the crazy ride called marriage since 2002.  They have 5 children. Parker (human) is 12 and will hopefully use her future Wimbledon winnings to score her parents a nice retirement home. Wyatt (human) is 7 and wants to be a Blue Angel but his Mom says he needs to overcome his fear of the Judge Roy Scream at Six Flags before pulling 7 Gs in an F/A-18 Hornet. Waylon (canine) is 14 and is a spunky Jack Russell Terrier known for taking off the fingers of our vet techs. Ruger (canine), their 3 year-old precious Pug, is also known as “meatball” and “chubby bubby” but is just big boned and not obese as his patient file claims. Stella (canine) is their 2 year-old Boxer mix that hit the stray dog jackpot when she wandered into the parking lot of the vet clinic and decided Brooke and Chad were her new humans.


Jennifer Etheridge- Marketing & Event Manager

Jennifer’s love for animals began early with her first pet at the age of 3, Buster, a gray terrier mix who’s status of “family” was made apparent in every early memory. As time moved on, many other pets entered her life that left such an imprint on her heart that she decided that she wanted to share this joy with others, leading her to a 15 year career in pet specialty management, engaging families and helping them match their lifestyles with an amazing pet for them to love as well. She has worked with animals from scaly to finned, feathered to furry, with hooves, claws, or paws.

Though successful, she wanted to be a part of something even bigger and received an opportunity to work in the veterinary field, a dream of hers since childhood. As Marketing and Event Manager, her biggest joy is in speaking with our clients and meeting their furry family members, supporting our vision of making cost and convenience an easier obstacle to overcome for pet parents.

Jennifer isn’t just passionate about animals- she also loves working with people! A smiling face that loves being a part of your pet’s wellness care and hearing all about every quirky cat story and every perfect puppy nose, you can count on her to listen and understand. Though she now does this remotely from Houston due to a recent move, she is always just a phone call away, working “behind the scenes”, driving for excellence in a field that cares for what we are all passionate about – the animals!