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Visit with a Vet Online for Only $65.

Safe. Convenient. Affordable.

  • General Health: Questions about diet, exercise, and general well-being.

  • Meds & Prescriptions: Talk dosage, side effects, or new prescriptions.

  • Behavioral: Addressing anxiety, aggression, or other behavioral issues.

  • Skin and Coat Problems: Issues like itching, rashes, or hair loss.

  • Digestive Issues: Vomiting, diarrhea, or changes in appetite.

  • Minor Injuries: Cuts, scrapes, or minor wounds.

  • Allergies: Identifying and managing allergic reactions.

  • Preventative Care: Flea, tick, and heartworm prevention advice.

  • Nutritional Advice: Recommendations for diet changes or supplements.

  • Emergency Triage: Determining if immediate in-person care is needed.

How It Works

Step 1: Intake Form

Simply fill out your intake form to let the vet know what you would like to talk to them about.

Step: 2 Schedule

Schedule a convenient time for you to do a video consultation with the vet.

Step 3: Video Visit

Visit with the vet via video call and discuss your pet’s needs and your concerns.


  • The online visit was incredibly convenient. The process was smooth and efficient. Scheduling and accessing the appointment were hassle-free. Highly recommend The Pet Vet! – Saundra S

  • The vet quickly diagnosed Bella, and prescribed the necessary medication during our telehealth visit. The process was seamless and efficient, and getting the prescription was straightforward. I’m a fan of The Pet Vet! – Brendon H

  • The Pet Vet’s telehealth service is affordable and easy to use. The vet provided excellent care for my cat, Tiger, without breaking the bank. Great value for top-notch service and professional advice! – Vero M